Personal info
Alias: NXS

Real name: JT Dijkstra

From: Menaldum, Friesland, Nederland

Mail adress:

More info
Let me introduce myself. I am NXS.

For me it all started in 1990 when a friend gave me a tape with old house music on it.
Tunes like The KLF - What time is love, Ancients of mu mu and 3 am eternal.
At that time i didn't know it was house music but i liked it.
Later that year someone else had move the house 1.
First track: T99 - Nocturne.

In 1992 i saw the techno trance 1 and Move the house 4 commercials. First thing i did was buying the cd's.
At that time there was also a radio show on 3FM which was called "For those who liked the groove".
With this program i also got to know a lot of old house tunes.

In 1993 The first hardcore compilations came out. At that time i also got hooked up with the hardcore sound.
My first hardcore cd's were Thunderdome 4 and rave the city 3.

In 1995 someone gave me a program called Scream tracker. I made some simple tunes with it but i spend a lot of time with it trying to make hardcore tracks.
Later on i got Fast tracker but that didn't work for me.
After some simple tunes made with fasttracker i got a copy of an early version of Impulse tracker(version 2.02) and took the time to make some nice tunes with it.
Now years later i have more than 70 tracks made with impulse tracker.

In 1996 when the hardcore hype reached it's top i got a little tired of all those commercial and simple tunes.
There was just a little to much of the same on cd's and records. So i thought it would be a good idea to get to know more music styles like Ambient, Jungle, Goa trance and more....
I bought a lot of cd's with non hardcore stuff on it. Even today i still enjoy these cd's.

In 1997 a new style came up and changed the standard sound of hardcore into something slower and different. I liked it a bit more and started again with buying cd's.

In 1998 i bought my first 4 records(Neophyte - Protracker e.p. The bountyhunter - The bountyhunter, Critical mass - Dancing together and Zultan - De dondergod).\
At that time i needed a record player but i wanted to do more with it. So i started to go mixing. I teached it to myself by practicing and watchin prof dj's at work on tv and later on on parties.
My first mix was made with mp3's. This was not the way of mixing for me so i gave that up.
Only vinyl for me ;-)
My first gig was also my first set on 2 record players. It went well. I played the records through the internet with shoutcast.
Since then i bought a lot of records, from oldstyle classics till terror.

I got my real first gig in oktober 2003. I had to play oldstyle for 2 hours long. The elements of the 2 decks were bad but even then it went nice. Just to bad nobody was interrested in the music.
In february i organised an illegal party with 2kw of sound at a farm.
I played for more than 3 hours but this went much better.

At this time my plans are to get more gigs. Visit and enjoy lot's of hardcore, terror and oldstyle parties and organise them self when possible.

Spinning the wheels, Going to parties and playing games like Quake 3 arena online.  

Likes & Dislikes
I like Hardore music. It's my life. It's the only thing that stays with me. Allmost everything else changes. It's a constant in my life.  

Final words of wisdom
Don't do drugs.... The only drug you need is the music